The Cadre of Costumed Crime Fighters is a soon to be launched civilian crime fighting organization working with law enforcement and the public to promote crime prevention, safety and good citizenship while actively fighting crime through crime prevention education, neighborhood patrols and appropriate intervention. The Cadre’s goal is to help protect, educate and inspire the citizens of our communities wherever and whenever possible.

When on patrol the members of the Cadre will interact with the public to build support for crime prevention initiatives, report criminal activity to law enforcement when observed, and directly intervene to protect citizenry and property when consistent with the responsibilities of a “good Samaritan”. 

The Cadre of Costumed Crime Fighters will also provide fee-based services for individuals, businesses and organizations in need of non-lethal specialty transport, escort and security.

Additionally the Cadre of Costumed Crime Fighters will answer “calls for help” from citizens for non-emergency interventions that positively impact communities, such as; helping with community events or programs, assisting with law enforcement education initiatives and other activities consistent with crime fighting and good citizenship.

Founded by Ted St. Mane and organized under a mandate from Saint Mane Enterprises, the Cadre of Costumed Crime Fighters is based in Minnesota, and will have an initial patrol area that includes the Twin Cities Metro, Rochester and other communities.

The members of the Cadre are:

Grim Jester   Team Leader View Bio
Colossian   Full Member View Bio
Volumocity Full Member View Bio
Spring Heeled Flash Full Member View Bio
Bulldog Jack Provisional Member View Bio

“The Cadre of Costumed Crime Fighters is a truly unique group of extraordinary individuals whose fight against crime focuses attention on this important cause by capturing the public’s imagination!”
- Ted St. Mane