The Cadre is a team of civilian crime fighters with amazing abilities dedicated to the fight against crime and the promotion of both crime prevention education and the efforts of America's law enforcement personnel. Currently under development, the Cadre is scheduled to hit the streets next spring! Please visit our "About" pages to learn more, or contact us with comments or questions.

"We're here because we believe in Justice, Integrity and Service.
We believe that when people get involved in crime prevention...
things get better for the whole community.

We believe that's worth our time and efforts.

What do you believe?"

-Grim Jester

There is an amazing new movement sweeping the nation with costumed individuals from coast to coast coming forward to fight crime. These would-be heroes are variously known as Costumed Crime Fighters, Real Superheroes, Independent Crime Fighters, Masked Adventurers or Masqueraders. Whatever they call themselves, we call them "amazing".  Learn More